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State of the Net
  1. [?] News Flashes
    Notices of outages, upgrades and other events.
  2. [?] The Internet
    Monitors Internet performance relative to our link.
  3. [?] Other Status Pages
    Links to other sites that monitor Internet Health.

About "State of the Net"

The State of the Net page is intended to suggest the status of several aspects of HiWAAY's Internet connectivity. Performance information is collected using the 'ping' protocol to periodically test various sites on the Internet as viewed from www.HiWAAY.net. Other information is gathered through SNMP monitoring and by directly connecting to individual network services at certain intervals.

News Flashes

[^] News Flashes are messages from HiWAAY's technical staff about incidents which may affect some part of our service. This includes advance notification of scheduled outages and upgrades. Sometimes incidents occur without warning, so some messages may be posted after an event has taken place.

The Internet

[^] Information about the Internet is attained via HiWAAY's Internet connections. The information provided is simplfied and it's wise to avoid drawing any conclusions regarding performance or reliablity from a single examination of the information. Several visits at different times of day and on different days should allow you to learn to judge Internet congestion from the point of view of HiWAAY Internet Services. This can help you determine if a problem with accessing the Internet is a difficultly with the Internet in general, HiWAAY's network, or your personal link to HiWAAY.

The occassional instance of a slow time or the loss of a single packet is not very meaningful. Repeated reports of slow times or packet loss over several test periods usually indicate some segment of the route to the host is congested and it may not be the target network that has the problem. If times look reasonable, then repeated loss of packets usually indicates the particular target host is overloaded. For popular hosts, it's not unusual for BOTH the route to be congested and the host overloaded.

Other Pages

[^] Links to Internet reports which monitor the status of backbone networks from various locations.

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